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A beginner’s guide to marketing for start-ups

The best tip I got when starting my blog was to write about something you are really passionate about and you are better at than others. I don’t know about the latter, but I am sure as hell passionate about Marketing and building a new brand. So, writing a blog about topics relating to Marketing with emphasis on topics important to new businesses does come natural to me.
This blog is really aimed at all you new entrepreneurs out there trying to build a business with little money to spare and time-pressure but still wanting to make an impact and laying a solid foundation for your brand.
This is why topics of my blog are centred around the very basics of branding such as picking a company name, the right colour palette, customer profiles or even how to build a website.

Biologist with a passion for Marketing

A bit more than 15 years ago I set off from my home in Bautzen to study Biotechnology and became a researcher with an interest for fungi. Fresh from academia and with a PhD in my pocket I started a job near Cambridge UK to develop a carrier in the Biotech Industry. Never would I have though that this path would give me insight into Marketing or that I would use this knowledge to help my partner Seb start a company.

selected blogs

Topics around designing a brand identity and website for your own company

Font - colour

Choosig the right colours and fonts for your brand and website is something that can take a surprising amount of time. Read on to discover a few tips that will make the process easier.

Logo design

Getting this on right is paramount in creating a brand that will be remembered and recognised by everyone. Stay tuned to discover how I designed a logo for a biotech start up and a established planning company.


Creating a website for your bussines can either be very expensive or take a lot of time. Stay tuned for a few tips that will make it a hell lot of faster than you would think.

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